As seanchaidhe the bearer of old lore, I continue the Rae and Anderson family traditions of folklore and storytelling – on my paternal side, my grandfather William Rae; and on my maternal side, my grandmother Cicely Anderson.

#AyrshireFolklore – William’s family farmed Ayrshire dairy cattle and Clydesdale horses along the coast of south Ayrshire. He would recount tales of the sea people, sea witches, witches and wizards, elves and goblins. William was a scholar of the poetry and prose of Robert Burns, later in life to be President of the Alloway Burns Club.

#GallowayFolklore – Cicely was a Galloway lass, her own mother came from a large farming family and many of her Stewart ancestors fled to Ireland to escape persecution during the Covenanter Rebellion. Cicely was a great source of tales from Ireland, banshees and leprecauns; and tales of the ancient folk, the faeries of Galloway.

In future projects, I hope to bring more of these folk tales to life – folklore and film at Land of Lore Films

Land of Lore Films is part of Bardsea-Green Films. I was looking for a fresh approach to the telling of folklore using the medium of short film of 60 seconds or less. Search for @LandofLoreFilms on twitter and on YouTube.

The tale of Alexander ‘Sawney’ Bean #AyrshireFolklore

Fullarton and the Faeries #AyrshireFolklore

Faeries and the Piper #GallowayFolklore