I have been making short films and engaging in performance art since 2002, with my work exhibited in the UK and overseas. My current project is under ‘Bardsea-Green Films’. Founded in 2016, Bardsea-Green Films make low-budget short films and documentaries inspired by B-movies, silent film, Surrealism, the paranormal, and the local history and folklore of Cumbria. 

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from #LostLaika film, 2017

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We are currently working on episodes of The ism of Blah – everything has an ism these days. The ism of Blah is a narrative to the absurdity of modern existence – in an age of Fake News; 24 hour news; social media; reality TV; celebrity gossip; false prophets; blah, blah, blah,…

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fake news


bardsea bhagwan

The ‘Bardsea Bhagwan’ – cults


The Last King of Cumbria – the legend of the King of Dunmail 

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My working ethos comes from the quote – “Adventures in the mountains is not about being the best, whoever is having the most fun is the best” – I am no longer a mountaineer, but the message is the same, take an idea for a short film/ performance piece and go, create, have fun.

Previous films include:

“No Animals Were Harmed During The Making of This Film”


#LostLaika – our low-budget homage to B-movies and silent film starring Tinker the dog