I have been making short films and engaging in performance art since 2002, having studied performance, drama improvisation and contemporary fashion design. My performance art has been exhibited in the UK and overseas.

My current project is ‘Bardsea-Green Films’. Founded by Paul Alan Rigg and myself in 2016, we make low-budget, short and satirical films, and documentary; inspired by Monty Python, surrealism, the folklore of Cumbria. As members of The Green Party we also make more ecologically focused short films.

Film Blog :


Nadur (Gaelic for nature) is series of short films, as commentary to wildlife decline, habitat loss, and pollution of our ecosystems. Performance by myself.


In 2019, the #nestsnotnets and #netsdownfornature campaign highlighted the netting of trees, hedgerows, and buildings, acting as a barrier to nature. It highlighted the mammals, birds, and reptiles that were trapped in these nets, and left to die.


The #ismofblah is a narrative to the absurdity of modern existence in an age of Fake News; 24 hour news; social media; reality TV; celebrity gossip; false prophets; blah, blah, blah.

Our The Fast Show inspired sketch comedy series, “Today, I’m mostly…”

My working ethos comes from the quote – “Adventures in the mountains is not about being the best, whoever is having the most fun is the best” – it’s been the late 1990s since I’ve done any serious mountaineering, but the message is the same, take an idea and go, create, have fun. Life is too short to take it seriously.

Previous films include:

The Last King of Cumbria – the legend of the King of Dunmail