Bard of Cumberland

I am a Hedge Druid, and Bard within ‘The Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids’. In ancient times a Bard wa a poet and storyteller who had trained in a Bardic college. In modern times, a Bard is one who sees their creativity as an innate spiritual ability, and who chooses to nurture that ability partly or wholly with Druidism. The Bards are the keepers of tradition, they are custodians of memory.

I have folklore and storytelling projects with local radio; Cumbria magazine; The Folklore Podcast; and Bardsea-Green Films.

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My ‘one minute films’ series of folklore and film, with Bardsea-Green Films

The Boggart of Leece

The Janet Tree

Dunmail, the last King of Cumbria

Adam Bell, the Robin Hood of the North