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The Bard of Cumberland page is to share with you my passion for folklore, folk tales, folk music, ghost stories, myths, legends, history, archaeology,  and other strange tales from Cumberland and beyond.

The first record of the term “Cumberland” appears in 945, when the Anglo-Saxon Cronicle recorded that the area was ceded to Malcom I of Scots by King Edmund of England. As with Cymru, the native Welsh name for Wales, the names Cumberland and Cumbria are derived from ‘kombroges’ in Common Brittonic, which originally meant “compatriots”.

You don’t have a history this rich without legends and folklore – the days of King Arthur, to stories of faeries and magik, the more recent legends of the Beast of Cumbria and Bownessie, there is a lot to discover.

For some time I have been training as a Bard with The Order of Bards, Ovates, and Druids. In ancient times a Bard was a poet and storyteller who had trained in a Bardic college. In modern times, a Bard is one who sees their creativity as an innate spiritual ability, and who chooses to nurture that ability partly or wholly with Druidism. The Bards are the keepers of tradition, they are custodians of memory. You are my tribe, and I am telling you our story.







I have ongoing storytelling projects with local radio – Cando FM (Furness area) and Lake District Radio, and storytelling projects with Bardsea-Green Films during the winter of 2019/20.


Boggarts, boggles, and bugs:

Boggart is one of numerous related terms used in English folklore for either a household spirit or a malevolent spirit inhabiting fields, marshes or other topographical features. Other names of this group include bogey, bogun, bogeyman, boggle.
The household form causes mischief and things to disappear, milk to sour, and dogs to go lame. The boggarts inhabiting marshes or holes in the ground are often attributed more serious evil doing, such as the abduction of children.















Curious creatures and Lakeland animals




































Ghosts and vampires